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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Enter the magic lands of Opulencia: defeat the craziest foes, find the epic loot và clayên the King’s throne!


Frantic One-Thumb Gameplay

Grab your phone và tap lớn slash instantly! Experience wild brawls at a frenzied pace! Fight your way through goblins, skeletons, banshees & all kinds of delicious creatures.


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A Wonderful World To Conquer

Discover Opulencia, a vivid world of floating castles. Hack through more than 100 different environments from the diabolic dungeon lớn the rogue pirate ship.


Build Your Own Hero

No class khổng lồ pick: become the anh hùng of your dream! With more than 1000 gear items, time to get creative! Enhance your nhân vật by looting tons of epic weapons, awesome armors & legendary artefacts.

Raid To The Top

Level up your powers with tons of runes and blessings, unloông xã formidable skills, and unleash devastating abilities. Be a star, make them a 6-star!

Thrilling Pve sầu Campaign và Pvp Arena

Learn the tricks and traps of each castle, crush some mighty bosses lớn unveil the truth about Opulencia. Tackle 3 different difficulty modes, all-you-can-eat!

Never-Ending-Ever- Changing Events

Always some crazy time-limited ruthless events happening around. Unique gameplay modes, incredible offers, exclusive sầu rewards: you’ll never get tired!

Feels Good lớn Be Epic!

Raid the world of Opulencia by swiping your way to victory! Crush your enemies and grab some LOOT in this fast-paced action RPG. Start your quest with the humongous single-player chiến dịch khổng lồ earn limitless wealth, powerful gear and other sweet loot. Rise to the challenge of each area as the enemy hordes grow, và the bosses become ever-more hulking. On top of the main chiến dịch, you can jump into lớn the PVPhường Aremãng cầu to prove sầu your mettle against thousands of other players in The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot's Tournament. There is more, you can always try your hvà at a feast of ever-changing, single-player, time-limited events that come stuffed with exclusive sầu rewards, ensuring the loot keeps flowing!