Dragon mania legends mod (unlimited money) apk_v6

The game takes a player on an epic adventure of dragons, where the player needs lớn collect & train the dragons and use them in a battle against the monsters. Create your Long empire with our Dragon Mania Legends mod for Android & iOS. Get Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold, và Unlimited Food resources on your game trương mục. Also, you will be able khổng lồ unlochồng all the Dragons available in the game.

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Dragon Mania Legends MOD App Information:

App nameDragon Mania Legends
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold và Unlimited Food. Unloông chồng All Dragons
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No


Dragon Mania Legends MOD Features:

Unlimited GemsUnlimited GoldUnlimited FoodUnloông xã All DragonsFree to lớn downloadTotally SafeDragon Mania Legends Mod tệp tin is very easy khổng lồ installAutoupdateNo need khổng lồ root or jailbreak your device!

About Gameplay:

Dragon Mania Legends is a fascinating dragon game in which a player needs to breed & collect dragons và train them in the battle against the monsters. The player needs lớn build a powerful army of dragons to defover the Long thành phố from the attacks of the Vikings. As a player, you need to first breed the dragons và train them in the rồng mania simulator. To avail extra rewards and gold, you need to lớn take proper care of the pet dragons by cuddling và feeding them.

You can build your dragon đô thị with customized building designs & take your dragons khổng lồ the academy to improve sầu the fighting skills of the dragons. You need to complete every mission lớn tăng cấp the collection of your dragons. Participate in seasonal events and quality events và turn your dragon inlớn a fighting legover with every new battle. You can also boost the abilities of your dragons by collecting the enchantment materials and using it khổng lồ make stronger.


Download Dragon Mania Legends MOD IOS

Download Dragon Mania Legends MOD IOS


The game Dragon Mania Legendsrevolves around the city named DRAGOLANDIA where the player needs lớn create his/her army of dragons & train them khổng lồ become the legendary heroes of this animal fantasy thành phố. To achieve sầu this task, the player needs to breed and collect the dragons first and train the pet dragons to lớn fight against the beasts. The player can build his/her fantasy Long city with customized buildings & decorations.

The player can breed as many possible dragons as you lượt thích & create your Long collection. To improve your rồng fighting skills, skết thúc them lớn the academy for training. By participating in the war, you can reach to lớn higher leagues và tăng cấp the skills of your dragons. You can build your empire & make allies with the help of clan online chat.

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Game Features:

The game provides you with the option of breeding numerous dragons and creates your army. The provision of training helps your dragons khổng lồ learn fighting skills. You can sover your dragons to the academy for turning them into lớn a legendary fighter. The game also gives you the feature of creating your empire by building your dragon đô thị with customized buildings & decorations.

The game features various seasonal events và unique quests in which a player can participate và upgrade his/her leagues. The game supplies some enchantment materials that you can use lớn boost your dragon’s ability in a battle. The player can use the power of magical Dragon Fury khổng lồ defeat the opponents of the quái dị. The option of online clan chat in the game allows a player lớn add new members in his/her đô thị or build new friendships lớn exchange the magical items.



Dragon Mania Legends is an interesting & fun game based on dragons that allow a player to lớn build an army of dragons & participate in various battles. The game provides the players with numerous tasks to lớn perform with new quests and events with online chat options. The game is available on the Play Store for không lấy phí to play và can avail items on tiện ích purchases. Slither.io is also an interesting game you can try playing.

Watch the Dragon Mania Legends APK Gameplay:

How lớn tải về Dragon Mania Legends MOD Apk for Android

Cliông xã on the OK và the tải về process will begin immediately.After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.Press Install và follow the instructions.