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Free JPG to Excel converter for you to lớn turn spreadsheets in images khổng lồ excel sheets, for easy editing. Free lớn use, no registration is required.

It is a very tedious task lớn print Excel sheets out. However, having lớn scan them baông xã into digital format to edit the nội dung is somewhat tricky, especially when you scan JPG documents.

Luckily, just the tool khổng lồ convert JPG to lớn Excel for you. This whole will take less than a few seconds.

How lớn convert JPG inkhổng lồ Excel Within Seconds

Our online converter converts over 1 million documents daily. By combining the functionalities lớn transform JPG to lớn PDF and PDF to Excel under one roof, file formats can quickly change from one to lớn another. To convert your JPG khổng lồ Excel spreadsheets:

Drag and drop the JPG khổng lồ save sầu it first to lớn PDF.

Download the JPG, cliông chồng ‘Start Over’ on the top-right corner.

Upload the converted file, cliông xã ‘lớn Excel’ & let the tool work its magic.

All done! Save the Excel tệp tin khổng lồ your computer.


How khổng lồ convert JPG inlớn the Excel format with ease

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OCR for Scanned JPGs


Our image converter can also take on scanned JPG images with OCR technology. This function ensures that all text and numbers are extracted, reconstructed, và placed in a br& new Excel tệp tin. And it’s not only scanned documents we’re talking about; the tool can also process photos in JPGs, taken using digital cameras, or even your Smartphone phone.

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The output file will be in an editable format, for you to easily edit, change, delete or add manually, using Microsoft Excel. And yes, the converter is không tính phí to use for your JPG needs.

Convert JPG to lớn Excel on Mac, Windows or Linux


Our trang web works online, which means you pretty much only need internet access lớn convert your tệp tin. As a versatile platsize, the site is compatible with all standard operating systems. The image chất lượng of the output tệp tin will always be top-notched, from pictures to data cells.

Modifying Excel Documents


There are also 17 other tools for you to lớn enhance your output file further. You can convert the Excel file bachồng khổng lồ JPG using the very same process (through the converter, with PDF acting as the bridge).

The PDF converter also handles other widely used documents in the workplace, including PNG, PPT, & Word documents.

We can also compress, split, merge, or even delete single pages, in any way that you lượt thích. Just rethành viên that there’s a limit of 2 uses per hour for không tính phí. To overcome this constraint lớn access, definitely check out how you can get a Pro membership.

Share Files With Ease


Both PDF files & JPG formats have been adopted in much daily use, both for professionals và casual usage. They are both compressed files, light enough khổng lồ giới thiệu, but still good enough khổng lồ retain data in their original format, post-conversion.

To make the sharing process even more streamlined, has integrated with both Google Drive & Dropbox—as part of the brand new Dropbox Extensions. Files can be imported và exported with ease, lớn và from these platforms.

Furthermore, on every result page, there is now an option for you to lớn nói qua your files via gmail or using a sharable link. This feature is accessible by clicking the gmail logo—next to lớn the tải về button, on every result page.